Mill Creek Galt


Where did it go?

The intersection of Mill Creek and the Grand River is the reason that Galt was founded at this spot in 1816, but this watery intersection, and Mill Creek all the way to Main Street has been buried, moved, and forgotten. With water no longer visible south of Main Street, this once mighty creek remains Channelled, Buried, Moved, and Lost; and yet, present-day maps continue to indicate a visible creek along the central line of the site’s old route. Where did Mill Creek go?

CBML Key Map

This project by PLANT Architect Inc., was commissioned by Cambridge Galleries as part of the Common Ground Project, a series of exhibitions taking place over the summer of 2012. Find out more about the project here:

Using this map as your guide (along with this list of locations), walk the phantom Mill Creek in search of its remains and in celebration of its profound visual and cultural history. At each of the installation’s ten points, you will be met with clues to help you along your journey. For more history, archival maps and photographs of the lost creek, its ponds, and bridges, please visit these pages:

The History of Mill Creek

A Gallery of Old Maps

A Gallery of Old Photos

We hope you enjoy discovering the history of Mill Creek as much as we have.

The temporary exhibition came to an end in the Spring of 2013, but you can find a record of the installation here: CBML: Channelled Buried Moved Lost.

Project Credits

We would like to thanks everyone who made this project possible:


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